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Contour Promotions

Ph / fax: (604) 962-1123

Email: info@ContourPromotions.com

Contour Promotions

Ph / Fax: (604) 962-1123

Email: info@ContourPromotions.com

Custom Apparel

Hats & Toques

With over 10,000 styles to choose from we guarantee you’ll find the perfect fit for you.

T-Shirts & Casual

Many styles and colours to choose from for men, ladies and youth. This also includes activewear and sports apparel.


Warm fleece, insulated down and water repellant fabrics.Everything to keep you warm, dry and stylish.

Golf & Polos

From classic golf shirts to the latest styles and fabrics. Polos, dress shirts and office attire for men and women.

Check Styles T-Shirts Outerwear Golf Shirts Design

Once you choose a product the next step is your logo

Not exactly what you were looking for? Try one of these

Accessory Items

Custom labelled socks & leg warmers, leggings & leotards, robes, towels and even aprons too

Whistler-Hat-1 Squamish-Hoodie-1 Whistler-Embroidery-Jacket Whistler-Embroidery-Polo

Contract Embroidery

If you are looking for embroidery only services for new apparel we can handle that too. See our Design Requirements to the left

Backpacks, Duffel Bags & Totes

Put your logo on all sorts of bags. Everything from luggage to golf bags to school backpacks to reusable shopping bags

For embroidery projects your design needs to be digitized. In other words, it needs to be turned into a special kind of computer file that tells the needle in the machine where to put all those threads.

For screen printing we work off of images that are made in a vector format. That allows us to get all the detail into the print.

Both of these processes require some special handling but we’re here to help. For more info on file requirements

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From the top of your head to the tip of your toes we
have what you need. And you can logo all of it

Full Screen Printing

& Embroidery Services